My new job title: SAHM

So, my last employment contract ended almost a month ago.  Ever since, I’ve been a Stay At Home Mom.   However, for a stay-at-home-mom, I somehow manage to hardly ever stay home!

Although I hope to be promoted to a WAHM (work at home mom), I am relishing this guilt-free time at home with my son.  This is the best job I’ve ever had!  It’s challenging, but I prefer to be the one navigating the challenges.

My days are completely different than when I was working.  No day is the same and each is an adventure in its own way.  We decide, together, what we will be doing.  I sometimes pretend that I am in control, but it’s a collaborative effort; my plans can easily be derailed by a bad mood, fever, or extra long nap. ;)

I take my job very seriously.  It’s a hefty job description (for which few would qualify if we needed to apply).  I have been entrusted to:

  • create and maintain a clean, healthy, safe, and comfortable environment and shelter
  • provide healthy nourishment, health care, and medical attention
  • teach an impressionable mind (which often seems to resemble a sponge) to: speak, walk, go potty, eat, play, bathe, discern right from wrong, respect, love, colour, draw… the list is endless and will keep growing – read, write, DRIVE. ack!
  • nurture, love, and encourage the growth of a kind, respectful, and considerate inhabitant of this world in which we live

It’s a tall order, let me tell you.  But, I embrace it – although I do struggle with the clean environment part. I’m not exactly a domestic goddess :).

The rewards are beyond measure and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a mother and spend my days with this human being who just may be teaching me more than I am him.